Who We Are

company overview

Established in 2014, under AISA license no D-66477, Edge Consultancy is a Kabul-based consulting firm specialized in project management, project supervision, capacity building, strategic communications, legal aid and technical services.

Edge has established national and international networks and knowledge of government and institutional procedures together with the necessary mix of technical, financial and management skills. Its professional team of consultants has developed proven procedures in project design, personnel deployment, equipment procurement, financial management and project management.

Edge is particularly aware of and responsive to the client’s needs and to local knowledge and development contexts. Adaptability and resourcefulness are crucial factors in the international development work in which we are specializes. Edge is proud of his experts’ record of efficiency in managing multi-disciplinary teams and delivering a quality service on time.

Edge has an extensive range of networks within the public and private sectors and is able to call on the expertise of these organizations to assist in the provision of specialist project services. Edge has links with international organizations, and is able to utilize them to source expertise and suitably qualified consultants.


We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate property professionals with the relevant experience to match.


Business is about efficiency and timeliness; your organization does not have to be inflated to everything. Outsourcing is a trend of the day in business, but confidence is key to it, and you can find a trust worthy partner in Edge Consultancy; that is why We Do It For You!

  • Doing Business with Dedication, Clarity, and Transparency and to the satisfaction of Clients.
  • Establishing a model of highest standards of business transparency and dedication in such times when many businesses in Afghanistan are made to believe that sustainability and continuity is not possible.
  • Edge’s goal is to expand… beyond Afghanistan and the region.
  • Doing business and contribute to building, not only of physical, but also intellectual fabric of society and economy.
  • Creating fair and equal opportunities of employment for people.

Our mission

To promote local capacity through provision of high quality services to national and international clients, who in general, strengthen and raise local standard of living.


our vision

A transparent, and developed Afghanistan with strong local capacity.

Our team

Our Partners